Meat of the Month – April

Surf ‘n Turf

250g Australian Black Angus cross sirloin steak, tiger prawns on the barbie

We use a family run butcher for our Aussie beef, they supply some of the best Australian Black Angus cross I have seen. Check it out via

 You will need:

4x 250g steaks

12 x 16/20 tiger prawns with the shells on.

 For the marinate:

1 Banana shallot

2 pieces of chopped garlic

100ml white wine

1 lemon

50g chopped parsley or coriander

Salt/ pepper

For a rustic outdoors recipe like this I would leave the shell on but remove the vain from the back of the prawn, this also help protect the prawns from the high heat of the open flame off the BBQ. Before cooking make a marinate for the prawns by adding the ingredients in to a bowl and place the prawns in the marinate for at least 20min before cooking.

(Tip, before place the prawns in the marinate keep some aside to pour over the prawns once cooked).

Season the steaks well and grill on each side for 2-3 minutes and always rest your steaks before serving, while the steak is resting this is the perfect time to cook your prawns. They will need about 2 minutes on each side or until they have curled up, once they have they are ready, pour some of the marinade that you kept aside and place on top of the steaks.

This will work really nicely with a rocket salad or a potato salad or even both!

Hooroo and enjoy!