Our Suppliers

At New Street Grill we are concerned with where and how our meat is produced, because we believe that this absolutely impacts upon the food that reaches the tables in our restaurants.

Wright Brothers: We source all our seafood from wright brothers wholesale who provide us with a range of high quality, sustainable oysters, fish and seafood. Find out more here.

Select Butchery provide us daily with our Aberdeen Angus & Hereford Cross & our veal carpaccio. Their aim is to cut bespoke for every order, every day, fresh so that we are provided with the best meat possible! Find out more here.

Lake District Farmers supply premium quality, breed specific meat products, direct to fine dining establishments throughout the UK, providing customers with the full supply chain history, whilst supporting the Farmers and their local community within the Lake District. Find out more here.

L & O Meats: Their product is sourced from producers and suppliers like Scot Beef (UK) Ltd., Dawn Meats (UK) Ltd, Wicks Manor Pork in Essex and Crown Chicken of Norfolk who are all part of our supply network along with some selected meats imported from well respected meat producers outside of the EU. Find out more here.