Wine of the Month

Wine of the month

Head Sommelier, Mauro Pirovano’s pick is 2013, Altair ‘Sideral’, San Pedro, Cachapoal, £51 per bottle (45% Cabernet sauvignon 29% Syrah 16% Carmenere 6% Cabernet Franc 3% Petit Verdot 1% Petit Syrah)

This is an intense ruby red wine, with a strong and expressive nose, including notes of raspberry and plum, involving into an interesting and elegant oak.The balance in the mouth gives beauty to this Chilean blend.

On the palate it is generous and strong. The tannin’s are not aggressive, but they are present and would pair perfectly and elevate the marbling in our meat of the month, the tender Cider House steak.

About the winemaker

Founded in1865, Viña San Pedro is one of the largest and oldest exporters of Chilean wine and one of the most important wineries in the country.

Viña San Pedro was recently chosen as the New World Winery of the Year. A recognition to the performance it has achieved in its different markets, where it stands out for its dynamism, innovation and winemaking excellence.

The vineyards are located right on the piedmont of the Andes Mountains, with thermal oscillation between day and night, and optimal drainage conditions. Fruit matures one or even two weeks later than neighbouring vineyards and the unusual mountain breezes help keep the plants healthy.